Our world is in a VUCA state:

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous

No challenge can be isolated and managed alone: everything is interrelated and has implications that require an interdisciplinary approach. Climate change, catastrophes such as droughts and floods, social changes in demography and work - all these things are coming at the same time. How are the big questions and challenges, which will not only come up in the distant future, but which we are now experiencing live, to be tackled by individual authorities and actors? We are convinced that an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue is necessary for the future of public security and our society: Between authorities, politics, business and thought leaders. And above all, it requires the courage to speak openly about the problems and challenges, to reflect and to create recommendations for action. With FUTURA we want to create an interdisciplinary city (platform) on which this is possible. That is the reason behind FUTURA, and we have put two years of hard work into it.

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