hhpberlin presents


A Journey Towards

a Sustainable Future

of Public Safety now

What is Futura?
Learn The Why, How and What Behind Futura
Chapter One
A Real Proof: An Example of Urgency for New Thinking in a Volatile World
Chapter Two
Rise of the Megacities
What We Need as a Society to Respond to
New Demands
Chapter Three
Challenges, Threats and Deficiency in Public Safety
What Questions Must We Ask Ourselves to Master the Complexity of Our World?
Chapter Four
Potential of Digitization
How Can We Let the Digitalization Serve Us to Be Able to Act Quickly?
Futura Features
Inside the megatrends of the future
Futura offers a unique view of the
megatrends in the context of public safety
Interactive matchbox Experiments
Wow Effects with Deconstruction of Complexity
Fusion of analogue, digital and virtual Experiences
Get deeper insights in linking the three dimensions
Futura is an Open Community
help to make the ideas of Futura available to everyone
Janine Kube & Stefan Truthän
The Team
People who love ideas
hhpberlin GmbH
Next Generation Fire Engineering
Passionate partners
some mission goals
Cities of the Future
How do Megatrends Influence our Everyday Life and How Can we Shape it Proactively?
Design of Public Safety Authorities
Can we Draw Inspiration from Other Disciplines?
The Unit
Resilient, Responsive and Robust: Our Role Model for Dealing With the Challenges for Public Safety Units
AI in Fire and Rescue Service
How About the AI Firetruck Becoming an Active Colleague in an Emergency?
Which Public Safety Cloud Architecture fits for the need of the Future?
Become a citizen of Futura
Jun 15, 2020, 10:00 AM GMT+2
Futura - The Heartbeat City

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